Fabulous Gold "and where to find it"

by Wallace Brazzeal, Mark T. Ballstaedt, Donlu D. Thayer  (192p, softcover)

ISBN# 9780915704019

Fabulous Gold

The lure of gold is part of human history from the beginning of time.” Fabulous gold”, explores this history and why the mystery of gold is still that stuff of legends, buried treasures, wars and the rise and fall of empires. Gold is the king of metals… this is a book that covers its realms, markets, Science and where and how to find it.

Other questions on Gold is also covered: How else can I get gold? In what form should I get it? Where should I keep it? Is it really a good investment? What is gold used for these days? Why did American astronauts use gold in space? How does a goldsmith work? How much gold is there in my wedding ring? Do some people really think drinking gold will keep them young? Will gold salts cure my arthritis?

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