The Escape of Edward St. Ives

by Darrell Egbert   (316p, softcover)

ISBN# 0-9754460-8-8

The Escape of Edward St. Ives

The biggest undercover operation of the War is in the hands of a single pilot.

When Edward St. Ives flew his B-17 into enemy territory, he knew full well he would be captured and tortured for the information he had. It was top secret. But what he didn’t know was that Allied Command had a different plan. Would he be able to risk his life to preserve a lie? That was just the beginning of his story and an escape that would stretch out over a lifetime.

A tour de force from a gifted writer.The story is based on the real life experience of a WW2, Air Force bomber pilot. Years later the middle age pilot realizes that he is trapped again, but this time in an abusive, dysfunctional family. He is nothing more to them than an indentured servant. From his hopelessness comes yet another brilliant plan of escape and the adventure begins again. A story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The author knew most of the main characters, and was aware of the dark secret of the hero, and of his personal problems that led to his desperate actions.

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