They Rode A Crooked Mile

by Darrell Egbert   (308p, softcover)

ISBN# 978-0-9836635-0-8  

They Rode A Crooked Mile

Most of us know the story of Butch Cassidy and about his friendship and adventures with The Sundance Kid. But did you know his best friend was the gunfighter Elzy Lay. And did you know Elzy came from the Midwest to Utah via Colorado. He first settled on a ranch owned by Matt Warner another gunfighter who rode with the Wild Bunch. True, Cassidy sometimes holed up on horse and cattle ranches between train and bank heists. However, he had no real love for either one.

Cassidy’s main interest was gold. That's why he was also working on a ranch near the foothills of the Uintah Mountains when he met Elzy. The stories of sacred Indian gold mines in the Uintah's and stories that still persist, to this day are intertwined in the life of both Cassidy and Lay, the latter having a reputation for being an authority on gold mines.

The author weaves a story beginning with the notorious town of Utah's Corrine and includes the hunt for riches in and around Vernal Utah. This book is well researched and gives you something to think about regarding these outlaws and their association with the various mining interests of the west.

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