Derrell Egbert

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Darrell was born in Layton, Utah, in 1925. He learned to read and write in a three-room schoolhouse, located in a mining town in the Oquirrah Mountains of Utah. He studied more serious writing while at the Universities of Nevada and Utah, and the art of “readable writing” while at the Air University in Montgomery, Alabama.

Like most young boys, he built model airplanes and dreamed of becoming a military pilot. His dream became reality, when, at the age of seventeen, he was accepted into the Army Air Corps. Soon after his eighteenth birthday, he was called to active duty where he spent the next two years of the War as an Aviation Cadet. He graduated from twin-engine school as a Flight Officer and first pilot of a medium bomber just as the atom bomb ended the War.

Upon graduating from the University of Utah, he applied for active duty, which coincided with America’s entry into the Korean War. He spent most of his career until retirement in 1969 in staff positions involving the maintenance of bombers and missiles, both air to ground and inter-continental. His overseas assignments included such diverse places as French Morocco and Thule, Greenland. At Thule, he took a ground part in special photoreconnaissance missions, which helped bring about the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.

He began writing for publication when his first historical novel came to the attention of Barnes and Nobel. The Ravensbruck Legacy is his second in print.

Shortly after leaving the 44th Bomb Wing he met and married Miss Savannah of the Miss Georgia Beauty Pageant. Lieutenant Colonel Egbert and Betty, his bride of 56 years, are retired and live with their dog in Washington, Utah. As he is fond of saying, “I never had it so good”…. Biography by Publishers Place, Logan, Utah.

Books By Darrell Egbert (see Books)

• The Third Gambit

• The Ravensbruck Legacy

• The Secret of Recapture Creek

• They Came From Benghazi

• The Escape of Edward St. Ives

• They Rode a Crooked Mile

• Somewhere West of Fiji

• Her Code Name Was Madeleine

• Comes a Fifth Horseman

Wallace Brazzeal

Books By Wallace Brazzeal

• The Shoeshine Boy

• Dulcimer And The Ark

• Fabulous Gold

Julie Orme  

I am a mother of five children and head over heals for my husband. I grew up in St. George, Utah and graduated from Utah State with a double major in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. During the summer our family works at a Boy Scout Camp in Wyoming and have been doing it for 18 years.

  I taught elementary and high school and am now a preschool teacher. Our preschool has grown from 8 to 65 students over the last 10 years. I love that we are making a difference with so many children.  

  I first began developing the Read at Three® program when my oldest son turned three and did not want to learn how to read. He struggled with every letter and I struggled to work with him. I wanted something to help him learn letters quickly and easily and not destroy our relationship. I had used memorization techniques in college and thought it might work for him. It did, and over the years it has become the Read at Three Program. My son is now 13 and his suggested reading books are Ivanhoe and Don Quixote.

  My youngest is now in preschool and I am cherishing my life and the time I have to teach him.

Books By Julie Orme

• The Mystery Book

Wally was born and mostly raised in Florida. Palatka was the town and place of his youth. Besides the alligators and mosquitoes, it was a time grounded in southern traditions and Piney-Wood cows. How this all rolls out in the mind of a writer is anyone's guess.

“I hear the words in strange sentences like the music on the tip of my tongue waiting to be coaxed out, but it doesn't always sound the same… the passage to the written page modifies the story and makes us all surprised at the ending. I think I will always hear the words, maybe I can find a way to put them on paper.”

Wally has written thousands of radio and television commercials, a few infomercials, brochures, lots of letters, some legal briefs and at least six poems. The books are as you see here listed.

Lorisa Pulotu

Some would say a job earns you a living, but Lorisa

believes that true living is doing what you love. She loves writing, singing, and spending time with her five children and husband.